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Davis Theakston 804.366.0524
Keith Mangum 804.335.4878

Our Leagues Enjoy:

  • 8-week seasons
  • Training equipment provided
  • T-Shirts and socks provided
  • Heads Up Tackling instruction by USA Rugby Certified Coaches
  • Post-Game activities

What is rugby?

Rugby is a fast-paced, creative game in which players attempt to score “tries” by touching down the ball in the end zone, much like a touchdown in football. Players may move the ball by carrying it, kicking it, or passing it laterally or backward to teammates. The action is constant, and players must play both offensively and defensively (as in basketball or soccer) because possession of the ball can change hands at any time. And, in rugby, all players get a chance to run with the ball if they can keep up with the play.

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